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[IC] ePBT Vermilion on Oil

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Good Day everyone, we are Teddo!  

We are happy to announce that this is our first debut of group buy set!  Please bear with us as we are a new team and still have many to learn. Feel free to give us your opinion/ advices. Also, we are excited to have the opportunity of "EnjoyPBT" as our manufacturer and our first collaboration of keycaps set designed by FamousKBD and windstudio. 

In order to provide the best experience for our supporters, we will abolish the old traditional group buy concept for our first set. Therefore, no need to be worry for the MOQ and be prepared with only a 200 set of ready stock globally.  So, you may place the order happily without the wait of time. Also, expected group buy will begin around February 2022 and we will send the orders that had been placed to your doorstep once the group buy is over. (Estimated arrival 1-2 months shipment based your geographical location) 

PS: Due to the fact that this is our first release, there will be a limited amount of stock available for this set. 

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eABS VOO Kitting.jpg

All in One Kit 


Vast60 by Createkeebs

vast 60.jpg

vast60 2.jpg

vast 60 3.jpg

WIND X by wind studio

wind x.jpg

wind x 2.jpg

Thera75 by Createkeebs

thera 75.jpg

thera 75 6.jpg

thera 75 7.jpg

thera 75 5.jpg


Oil (also known as crow green) was chosen as our theme for this basic keycap set. This color appears frequently in our daily life. Much like the oil that we use on a daily basis, "Oil" is black in the core and black with olive. While  "Vermillion" is a color that falls in between red and orange. It was once a rogue for applying powder in ancient times when it was constructed of an opaque cinnabar material. At the same time, it is more like a symbol that represents flame. After this, ePBT Vermillion on Oil (eABS VOO) has the illusion of oil leaks and setting on flames. So now, lets set the heather ablaze for the set! will we?

ePBT VOO Pantone.png


FamousKBD & Teddo : International

Pricing : RM330 | 79 USD

Designed by FamousKBD and Windstudio

Material : Cherry Profile

Production Method : Doubleshot

Thickness : 1.5mm

Manufacturer : ePBT

 Group Buy Date :

6th February 2022

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