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[Group-Buy] JWK Autumn Rain Switch

RM 28.90
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The autumn rain switch is inspired by the rain in autumn. The autumn rain switch refers to the BCP/Creampacas scheme and adopts Long Pole. With an extended spring, he will have a very elastic and feedback feeling. Now more and more people are in love with this feeling.

Stem made of P3 material makes the switch smoother during pressing and reduces the leaf Compared with the conventional POM material, the friction coefficient of POM is 0.3, but the P3 is 0.05.

Switches are sold in packs of 10.

Quantity 1 = 10 switches. 


  • Linear 
  • Stem: P3 (A proprietary UHMWPE blend from JWK)
  • Top Housing: Nylon
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon blend
  • Spring: 63.5g (bottom out) extended spring 
  • 3.7mm travel / 2.0mm actuation
  • PCB mount (5-pin)
  • UNLUBED from factory
  • Designed by Aregs Keyboard and Suixin studios
  • Manufactured by JWK


  • Groupbuy start date: March 1st, 2022
  • Groupbuy end date: April 1st, 2022
  • Estimated shipping date: Q3-Q4 2022 


Please note:

  • This is a group-buy. A group-buy is essentially a group of people combining their money together to make a bulk order with a manufacturer.
  • The final product may vary slightly in color from the images viewed on this page.
  • With any group-buy, there can be unforeseen delays and set-backs. The estimated shipment date is only an estimate.
  • By purchasing this item, you agree that you understand everything above.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we only ship to Malaysia. 
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