Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interest Check and Group Buy ? 

Interest Check [IC]

To gauge the community's interest we run interest checks and collect feedback on upcoming designs. This way, we know the products we release for preorder/purchase are up to everyone's expectations!

Group Buy [GB]

A group buy is a mass order collated within a limited amount of time. Some group buys have quantity restrictions while others may be unlimited.

Meaning :

After the vendor has collected and paid for all orders, the manufacturer starts making things. Buyers will have to wait for all of the items they ordered to be made before they get them. 

Group buys are a great way for everyone to split the cost of producing things. This lets us make unique designs at a lower rate than the industry standard while still delivering the best experience and quality for everyone.


About Orders 

Any updates on my order?

Please visit our order lookup to see the current phase and expected arrival of your preorders.

Adding an item:

Please send us an email with your order number.

Making changes:

Please note that you can only make changes to items during the group buy.

Change of address :

If you want to make or change any changes to your address, send us an email with your order number and we'll take care of it.

We can't promise that we'll always be able to do this.

About Shipping

Where does your product ship to?

Our shipping prices and availability depend on our couriers. As a result, when service in a particular area or nation is disrupted, we are compelled to halt shipping to that area or country.

Furthermore, due to the large number of chargebacks and lost packages, we do not offer certain tiers of shipping services to particular countries.

Or to save money on shipping, you can group your purchases with friends from the same area.

Average shipping time :

For International DHL Express, it will arrive within 2-5 business days after being shipped out barring any additional customs delay. 

For local (MY) orders typically takes 3-5 days for instock items excluded weekends.

Duties and Taxes :

Import tariffs and taxes may apply to international consumers, which are not included in the shipping costs. Teddo will not be responsible for this fee; it will be charged by destination customs.

Any import costs, such as tax, handling fees, and so on, are the responsibility of the customers.

If the parcel arrives at its destination and the consumer refuses to pay the import costs, the shipping company will return it to us. The returned cost, returned tax and handling fee, original shipment cost, and transaction fee will all be deducted.


How can i make a suggestion? 

if you think Teddo would benefit from your suggestion, we are always open to them via our discord.

How can I collaborate with Teddo?

Can email us at [email protected] with your socials and we'll shoot you a message should we decide your content fits our brand!

My question not listed here! 

For any other questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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